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Economic impacts of natural disasters on the United States Research Paper

Economic impacts of vivid disasters on the United States - Research Paper ExampleDespite falling victims of such calamities for the last decades, efforts to mystify policy formulators have been evidenced. However, the policy makers are uncertain over what can be done to tackle the menace associated with the occurrence of the inwrought calamities (Yamamura, 2013). There has too been little guidance offered by academics, and this has greatly affected the bitty approaches employed in tackling the issue from a number of disciplines (Alexander). This paper seeks to analyze the economic impacts of natural disasters in the United States.From contemporary literature, the concept of natural disaster is used to refer to the geophysical events that are characterized by a substantial departure from the design climatic conditions. For instance, the occurrence of a flood that signifies substantial departures from the mediocre rainfall level within a geographical region forms a typical natural calamity. In some instances, the occurrence of these calamities might be predictable and are known to follow some geographical and seasonal patterns as it happens for typhoons and hurricanes (Fang, 2012). Others show grand irregularity in their occurrence, as it takes the case of floods and earthquakes. It is trivial to distinguish between technological and natural hazards. Most technological hazards occur as a leave alone of the activities of human beings. Other social hazards occur which too should be differentiated from natural calamities.Natural calamities have impacted the economy of the United States either positively or negatively for the many instances of their occurrence. In some cases, occurrence of natural disasters leads to infrastructural improvements and the adoption of better and improved technologies in the event of their occurrence. For instance, in a postulate discussing the earthquake that took place in Alaska in 1964, which provided for a chance of modernizat ion and upgrade of the

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CIPD- PDP Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

CIPD- PDP - Essay ExampleAs a result of frequent discussion, reading and research, I was able to gain a broad understanding of the major concepts and theories of human resource management.The second aspect of the development propose was to develop leadership skills by participating actively in skill development sessions on various topics such as employee engagement in strategic decision making and career planning. These development sessions allowed me to practice my speaking and communication skills. Contrary to my expectations, I discovered that I lacked the required level of assertiveness and persuasiveness in my communication style.On the other hand, I was able to come across as a good listener capable of demonstrating high empathy levels. I realized that I could use this as my strength in situations such as employee counselling, musical score situations, interviewing job candidates, and so on. However, I need to develop my assertiveness and persuasiveness without which I may n ot become a successful leader in my organization. The CIPD (2014) requirements for associate members state that competence in interpersonal and technical skills is essential. Hence, this aspect of the development plan was not met to the desired levels.The third aspect of the development plan was to develop self-consistency in the practice and application of HR practices and policies in the organizational setting. The aim was to improve my concentration and attention levels by immersing myself in actual settings. I took an internship as an HR practitioner in various departments of the organization. During my internship I learnt the functions of sourcing, recruitment, reward management and organizational development and their interaction with other functions of HR. This was the most interesting get laid of following the development plan as I got the opportunity to interact with professionals and learn from experience. I sharpened several professional skills such as

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Sexually Transmitted Infections Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Sexually Transmitted Infections - Essay ExampleTreatment is with azithromycin (single, 1g dose) or doxycycline (100mg twice daily for a week). A possible complication includes pelvic inflammatory disease (PID). This may lead to chronic pelvic pain, ectopic pregnancy and infertility.Treponema Pallidum and Neisseria Gonorrhoeae are both infections caused by a bacterium. While the infection with T. Pallidium (syphilis) manifests in the form of painless ulcers on the sites of infection, infection with N. Gonorrhoea (gonorrhea) presents in the form of painful urination, bleeding between periods and discharge from the vagina in women and discharge from the penis and painful, swollen testicles in men. two infections may be passed from mother to baby. lues may cause anomalies in babies (Syphilis, 2006). Both are diagnosed by detecting the bacterium in scrapings and samples. Syphilis may be diagnosed by detecting antibodies too. Both are treated with antibiotics. Both organisms can pass thr ough blood to other organs. Complications of syphilis mainly involve the cardiovascular system and brain. Gonorrhoea causes PID. This in turn may lead to chronic pelvic pain, ectopic pregnancy and infertility. Both infections make the sufferer more susceptible to acquire HIV and if not treated, both may lead to death.I will explain that HSV

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Why Racism Should Not Occur Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Why Racism Should Not Occur - Essay showcaseAmerican people throughout the history of the nations slavery marks the begging of the racial prejudice and discrimination that presented the blacks and the other minority groups, particularly the immigrant minorities, as inferior (Tiffany Gee & Takeuchi, 2008). Thus, due to the loving status, they held during the period of American colonization as slaves, the prejudice, stereotyping and color bigotry has continued to rule the mind of many, resulting to the unforgiving increase in the reported cases of racial hate incidences throughout the country. On the other hand, due to the identity that such minority groups have been given as inferior throughout the history, they have also turned against the dominant groups, by discriminating and prejudicing against them as well (Kivel, 1996). However, the most disturbing thing about racism is that it does not appear to be perpetrated by individuals alone, but also the media that is a very influen tial tool in the society. The media has been seen to contribute to racism through non-white reporting in relation to the prevalence of high crime rates in the minority groups as opposed to the dominant groups (Banton, 1988). This has resulted in unbalanced social construction, with the minority groups, most especially the African Americans being stereotyped as crime-prone than the rest of the communities. The impact of this is that such minority groups have in turn competent crime as the tool for revenge against the marginalization. One can be forgiven for asking the question where does racism happen? The answer to this would also be equally disturbing, because racism is all over the society, whether in the schools, on the streets, in churches and even in the high political offices such as the parliament and the Congress.

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Compare and contrast Freuds and Piagets development models Term Paper

Comp be and contrast Freuds and Pi whilets development models - Term Paper ExampleHow could Piaget claim that Freuds explanations are insufficient? Jean Piaget (1896-1980) worked on the development of intellectual capabilities of children. The way he viewed the development of childrens mind and their intellectual capabilities is enormously exceptional especially in educational theories. He proposed that children cannot commence certain type of tasks until they are mature enough to do so. He further stated that childrens psychological mathematical process doesnt develop smoothly instead there are certain transitions that take them into new capabilities and area. He saw that the transitions take place at the age of 18 months, 7 years and 11 years. These ages are the ages of immaturity irrespective of the brightness and sharp mindedness of a child. Piagets Stages of Cognitive Development i. Sensori-motor (from birth to 2 years) ii. Pre-operational (2 to 7 years) iii. Concrete Operation al (7 to 11 years) iv. Formal Operational (11 years and onwards) In contrast to that, Sigmund Freud (1856-1939) defines that personality development can either results in lucky and healthy completion of personality and may also result in failure and unsuccessful personality. Freud believed that personality is developed through different stages depending upon the erogenous zone.

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Constitution cafe Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Constitution cafe - Essay ExampleThe discussions argon based on Thomas Jefferson, a radical who held the tone that there was the need to keep on revising the Constitution. As outlined in the book, periodic amendment of the Constitution can be regarded as essential since it keeps the musical composition in line with the changing times. Phillips contends that the Constitution has become an immutable as well as a sacred text, which needs some shaking up or some review (Phillips 1336).In the book, Phillips argues that respect of the United States Constitution forms a key phenomenon of modern political life in America. concord to Phillips, the Constitution is the basis upon which the rights of the U.S. citizens can be understood. Across the political spectrum, it has become the last argument of politicians and the secular scripture has it as the moral gravity. The book explains the lust of the third American president, Thomas Jefferson, that Americans should rewrite the Constitution a fter every twenty years in order to enable them to meet their needs. The radical ideas of Jefferson are put to the test by Phillips, who asks Americans to create a new Constitution that will serve their needs (Phillips 1336).Throughout the book, the main idea that Phillips strives to refund focuses on how the American public could rewrite the United States Constitution. The book involves a series of discussions, which engage confused groups coming together and focussing on various Articles and Amendments. For example, there are teenagers who talk about the amendment of age at which people should vote, and lawyers discussing the patent clause. Each of the groups involved comes up with new Articles, which have the aim of redressing problems of the breathing Constitution. The author also discusses the historical interludes regarding the conflicts among the Founding Fathers this highlights the compromises as well as difficulties that were needed in 1783 (Phillips 1336). In the book, Phillips portrays

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LastQs Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

LastQs - Essay ExampleIn contrast, virtual global companies have teams in all parts of the world that take advantage of the engineering in multiple geographic locations for collaborative and distributed engineering. For instance, global companies such as Microsoft, Intel, and Hewlett-Packard have outsourced their bundle development brass instruments mostly in India and Far East (Eppinger & Chitkara, 2006). Conventional global organizations such as Toyota, Siemens and General Motors still rely on certain countries for their engineering talents such as China, America and UK (Eppinger & Chitkara, 2006). The human resource management practices also differ collectable to the change in culture, organization structure and design. As team members in virtual organizations have never worked together unlike in conventional organizations, working styles of members differ. The practices of team leader in virtual organization is based on building trust by means of constant communication and ma naging virtual work-cycles and meetings as well as monitor the progress of distributively team while each of the member benefitting from participation in virtual teams (Malhotra, Majchrzak, & Rosen, 2007). In case of conventional organization, the members of a team are mostly introduce with one another and can work easily without any communication mismanagement.Francis Fukuyama famously defined some societies (Japan for example) as high-trust societies and some as low-trust societies. Qualify your terra firma on Fukuyamas categorization. What difficulties would you as a CIO have in setting up a virtual organization working with people from a auberge with a different level of trust?Based in US, if I want to set up a virtual outsourcing organization in Korea which is a low trust society, I would have to face many difficulties. The first challenge that I would face would be the acceptability in their society due to cultural differences. Therefore, the first thing would be to educate myself about the Korean cultural aspects.